Standard Training

To obtain the fastest possible training solution for your in-house needs, select one of our 14 standard offers. We can usually implement our standard offers shortly after having developed the training objectives in a preliminary discussion.
This option is suitable for groups of 7 or more participants.

Customised Standard Training

Presentation & Negotiation, Leadership, Project Management


  • Customisation of contents, process and scope for company-specified requirements, e.g. custom project phases, custom project glossary, etc.
  • Adaptation to company-specific training processes
  • Inclusion of distinct management principles
  • Use of company-specific case studies and other custom examples


This option is ideal for the training and development of a larger number of employees.

Tailor-made Company-specific Training

Here we develop a training solution for your unique needs. It may also take into account existing offers.

Support, coaching and moderation in company-specific change processes - from A to Z everything from a one-stop service

  • Carrying out executive conferences
  • Implementation of new strategies
  • Introduction of collaboration and management principles
  • Workshop and support of stakeholders in reorganisation events
We also support internal units with logistics, organisation and coordination tasks to facilitate change implementation. Examples include the preparation and posting of invitations, booking and organisation of training and event facilities, and hotel reservations.

Private Coaching

We offer one-to-one support or small group consultations in exclusive private coaching sessions.